Here’s a list of Fizure major product updates, that help project managers keep the project profitable and spend less time on sending back and forth e-mails and manually updating spreadsheets.

Microsoft Outlook Add-in for efficient daily purchase invoices management

Skip the back and forth e-mails, downloading files and creating folders.

You and everyone in your team can now upload purchase invoices with one click with Fizure MS Outlook Add-in while reading e-mails.

The invoices are all stored on in one place and can be sent for team approval and submitted for accounting when you have time.
Get the Add-In

More powerful search for finding subcontractors

Quickly find your subcontractors using the Search on the top menu.

Access your subcontractor Pay Applications, Contracts, and Invoices from one place

Use the drop-down filter marked with the red arrow to quickly find how the subcontractor is performing within other portfolio projects.

Duplicate invoice upload notification

Whenever you or anyone in your team uploads a purchase invoice that has previously been uploaded or approved you’ll see a yellow notification.

Still stuck in e-mail and spreadsheets to approve expenses and follow your project profitability?

Just sign up to test Fizure for 14 days free

Takes 10 minutes to see how the tool works. Never again send an e-mail for purchase invoices approval or download and save files in Folders.

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