Budget Management

Fizure construction budget software helps you track and manage your project expenses with ease.

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Budget Management

Save time on managing project budget

Fizure construction budget software makes it easy to manage project finances, contracts, commitments and invoices all in one place. Every change will automatically be reflected in the budget.

Project budget is automatically updated

When a project manager uploads a new expense document, commitment or contract, Fizure automatically updates the project budget. When processing an expense and approving the document, Fizure lets you know exactly how much has previously been paid, what the contracted cost was and how much is still left free in the budget.

Control your project profitability on an article level

Fizure organizes the whole process of your project finances management in one place, allowing you to compare forecasted costs, contracted costs, income, etc. against expenses and profitability. For ongoing projects, you’ll have a clear overview of how the initial work was carried out and if you were able to generate profit.