Contracts and change order management

Fizure helps manage construction contracts, change orders and terms all in one place.

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Contracts and change order management

Manage your contracts and terms in one place

Upload all your contracts and project-related images to Fizure to keep them attached to the right project. In addition, contract and payment terms can also be entered into the system.

Monitor contract performance

Fizure allows project managers to stay on top of their project contracts and all extra work. Whenever an expenditure or commitment is entered, Fizure automatically updates the contracts. If the invoice exceeds the contract, or even if the payment dates on the contract and invoice don’t add up, Fizure will display a red warning.

Stay on top of change orders

In the construction industry, it is common for a large amount of unexpected work to crop up, accompanied by changes in orders. Fizure organizes all order changes and extra work, helping project managers to stay on top of their contracts. Invite managers to let them approve costs, and accountants to provide visibility of payment processes.