Pay applications streamlined

Fizure makes it easy to manage construction pay applications and obtain a clear overview of the contract and billing.

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Pay applications streamlined

Online pay applications process

When a contract is entered on Fizure, the system automatically creates the pay application form according to the terms. Let all of your subcontractors access and submit their pay applications online, with no risk of manual error when preparing the applications on spreadsheets. The whole process is done online and all information stored in one place.

One click approval and error detection

Errors in pay application trigger a color coded error warning. Whenever a pay application is received, simply open it on Fizure, check if the work and materials submitted are correct, and click Approve. Stay in full control over your pay applications without tedious manual work.

Use pay application software

Monitor how pay applications perform against contract, have a clear overview of historic pay applications and see how much is still free in the contract. Have just one dashboard to monitor pay applications on a company-wide level. You’ll know the exact value of monthly approved pay applications and can plan your finances accordingly.