Estimates and budget import

Simply start a project on Fizure by uploading the project spreadsheet with the estimated cost, cost to customer and budget for project manager.

Get started

Takes 10 minutes to see what the tool is about

Estimates and budget import

As simple as drag & drop

Start a project by uploading a spreadsheet with your existing estimations to Fizure. Alternatively, you can also download our free template, fill it in and upload it to Fizure. It doesn’t matter whether your project contains tens, hundreds or thousands of articles – Fizure will automatically divide them to categories and subcategories for better budget overview.

Well-organized budget

Fizure organizes budgets in a well-designed and easy-to-navigate way. Compare details such as estimated units and quantities against the budgeted units and quantities. You’ll have a clear overview of the costs of job stages and how costs are progressing compared to your plans (including how project end costs and profitability are changing).