Expenses approval workflow

Fizure makes expenses approval easy and automatically updates project budget.

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Expenses approval workflow

Submit expenses on the go

Use our Android and iOS apps to submit invoices on the go. Scan them with your phone camera or upload already existing files next to your projects for approval.

Submit expenses next to your email client

Our Chrome Extension lets you submit invoices next to your web email clients such as Gmail or Outlook.com. Just download the invoice you received via email and upload it to Fizure without having to open or switch browser tabs.

Let others submit invoices to reduce your workload

Your secretary, accountant or any other team member can use our Chrome Extension, mobile apps or just our website to submit invoices for approval. They will all be in one place to be approved by the project manager – no risk that any expense documents get lost. By the way – Fizure charges per project not per user, so there is no additional cost for inviting extra people to Fizure.

Stay in control of your budget when approving costs

Open expense documents straight in your browser and select the line items that they correspond to. When entering cost details, Fizure automatically displays how much is still free in the budget. The red warning indicates if you have exceeded the budget so that you could take action.

Have more information in management approval round

Fizure sends the project manager approved costs over to accounting or ERP system along with contracted costs, budgeted costs and more. When there is a later round of management approval, you’ll have a clear overview of the budget, contracts, pay applications and more.