Project Financials Management

Have one place to manage project budget, contracts, pay applications, costs forecast and profitability forecasts.

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Project Financials Management

End to end cost control

You can follow project costs in real-time. Estimated cost, cost to customer, budget, project contracts, pay applications, and expenses are all managed in one place. Project log lets you track all changes that have been made to the budget.

One dashboard to follow key metrics across projects

Have one dashboard to follow your portfolio projects financials such as estimated cost, cost to the customer, cost forecast change, approved costs, and profitability forecast. Use timeline filters to access the information you need.

Follow project cost forecast change and profitability

Cost forecast is automatically updated when a new contract is entered. These changes will in return be reflected immediately in project profitability.

A powerful graph to follow project financials timeline

Fizure creates a project financials graph that helps you follow all changes that have been made in the project financials. So, whenever cost forecast is updated or a contract is entered, you’ll be able to follow all changes on one graph.